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Fitness tracker vs. smartwatch, which is the best?

Fitness tracker vs. smartwatch, which is the best?

Before, there has been an unmistakable split between what was a fitness tracker and what was a cheap smartwatch. A fitness tracker was a band with sensors that transferred information to your smartphone, while a smartwatch had a screen that was an expansion of your smartphone, a wrist-bound gadget that permitted you to check messages, messages, and surprisingly online media.

In the course of the most recent couple of years, nonetheless, the two gadgets have united.

Smartwatches accomplish more, full stop.

The principle distinction between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch is the rundown of highlights and savvy capacities. A cheap smartwatch is by and large going to have the entirety of a similar fitness following capacities as a fitness tracker, to say the least; for example, most smartwatches have heart rate sensors and inherent GPS for more accurate wellbeing following, alongside instructing and explicit exercise following, which just the most exceptional fitness trackers have.

Smartwatches have further developed shrewd highlights, similar to music control and inherent Bluetooth (to interface with remote earphones), worked in mics for calls and voice aide, and NFC for in a hurry installments. They likewise come in cell models, which permits them to operate entirely free from a smartphone. Once more, a portion of the further developed fitness trackers can have a bit of these brilliant highlights and abilities, yet most fitness trackers are way less adaptable by and large.

The one component that most element fitness trackers have is battery life. Since smartwatches for women have huge brilliant shows and are much more requesting power, they likewise have more regrettable battery life. For example, the Apple Watch (any model) should be charged consistently, while Fitbit’s Inspire 2 ($70) or Garmin Vivosmart 4 ($100), which are two of the most well-known fitness trackers, have long battery life. Know more!

Yet, that is not generally something to be thankful for.

Fitness trackers are unquestionably more modest than smartwatches, which is seemingly the most significant interest. Many individuals don’t care for wearing smartwatches for women since they’re huge and massive. However, they need something to follow their means and disclose to them the number of calories they copied — that is by and large what a fitness tracker is acceptable at. They don’t have enormous presentations and generally lightweight, which means they’re likewise more happy with wearing while you rest.

A decent fitness tracker is a lot simpler to discover for less

The most moderate smartwatches are throughout the $200 mark. That is about how much the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ($175), Apple Watch Series 3 ($199), and Fitbit Versa 2 ($200) all expense. Be that as it may, the expense of smartwatches would be able to up contingent upon its size, the materials it’s made of, if it’s a cell model, and what fitness-centered highlights you need it to have. For instance, a Garmin Forerunner, rough smartwatches for women with some indeed progressed explicit sprinter highlights, can cost around $600. What’s more, you can get an Apple Watch made out of more costly materials, similar to titanium or earthenware, are it can cost beyond $1,000. Click here for further details: http://www.candads.ca/3-reasons-why-a-smart-watch-could-be-a-good-choice-for-kids/


3 Reasons Why a Smart Watch Could Be a Good Choice for Kids

3 Reasons Why a Smart Watch Could Be a Good Choice for Kids

Thought about buying a kid’s smart watch for your child? Smart watches are the latest technology to hit the shelves and they are incredibly popular. However, parents are in two minds over how much technology their children should have access to and when it’s appropriate for them to use it. It’s difficult to know what’s best for a child, especially since today’s technology is advancing at an alarming speed. There are always going to be risks for children when the technology they use connects to the internet. So, does that mean your child shouldn’t use a smart watch? What are the three reasons for smart watches to be good for children?

Smart Watches Come With Parental Controls

Most smart watches have similar functions and features to a standard Smartphone and that, of course, worries millions of parents. Fortunately, many smart watches come with parental control features. What this means is that you can limit or restrict the type of content children see when they use their watches. Even some cheap smart watches can offer built-in parental controls so that parents can put restrictions in place over purchasing and internet capabilities. This may help to keep a child safer online and avoid nasty in-app expenses during gameplay.

Teaches Children How To Be Productive

Depending on the child and the apps used on the watch, children can learn how to be a little more – for lack of a better phrase – independent. Okay, so that’s not something you want for an eight-year-old but it’s about teaching children how to focus on activities and maybe even enable them to be more productive. Of course, it will depend on the apps and the actual child. Some apps help children to follow through on tasks. A kid’s smart watch also allows parents to keep track of them and their activities so you can get more peace of mind when they’re out of sight. More details!

GPS and Knowledge for Parents

Smart watches are simple pieces of technology but they can tell parents so much about their child. For example, some watches record how many steps the child has taken or if they’ve been doing physical activity. That’s something parents need to know, but of course, they can’t be with their child 24/7. When they’re out of your care for the afternoon or while you’re at work, you want to know where they are and what they’re doing. The GPS functions can really be useful and while it won’t appeal to every parent, cheap smart watches offer lots of advantages.

Do You Dare Buy a Kid’s Smart Watch?

Parents are always a bit wary when it comes to their children and technology. For some, they say children should embrace technology as soon as they’re able to use it while others say it should be limited until they’re older. In a way, some technology should be limited for children because sometimes they take away traditional elements of being a child, like playing outdoors with friends. Of course, every parent will have a view on this and it’s their personal choice of what’s best for their child. Cheap smart watches for children can be useful and your child may benefit from them too. Learn more details at: http://www.candads.ca/traditional-watch-vs-the-smartwatch/

Traditional Watch Vs. The Smartwatch

Traditional Watch Vs. The Smartwatch

If you want to buy a cheap smartwatch, we suggest you consider the following features. These are very common features that most people desire to see on their gadgets. Keep reading.

Battery Life

Smartwatches are generally equipped with rechargeable batteries. But the backup time differs between models. Additionally, the types of features will increase or decrease battery life as well. If you have a model that has advanced sensors, a large screen, and a heart rate monitor, you may run out of power very soon.

Internal Storage

Most smartwatches come with a lot of storage space. You might want to go for a model that comes with a minimum of 4GB of internal storage. This will let you download many things to your phone as well as you won’t end of space in a day or two.


You can connect to the Internet and receive important notifications on your device if your smartwatch is Wi-Fi enabled. Therefore, you don’t have to take out your phone over and over again.


When you need to make payments through your smartwatch, you may want to get one that comes with NFC. In addition, you must consider MST that will allow you to pay at the terminals of your desired credit card.


Make sure that the unit you are getting is splash-proof. But that doesn’t mean you can swim in a pool while wearing your watch. These devices generally come with a depth limit. Water will enter your watch and destroy it if you cross that limit.

Smartwatches Vs Traditional Watches

There is no question that smartwatches are here to stay, and we believe they will improve further over time. This is fantastic news for those who love to interact with the latest technology. It is exciting for everybody else too; once you stop considering the potential of wearable technology and the several useful features it offers. 

There are a few drawbacks to smartwatches in addition to the small screen size and limited battery life. Mainly, technology is evolving rapidly and electronic devices have a limited lifespan. This means users will need a new smartwatch at approximately the same speed as they need a new smartphone. Depending on your wants and the devices you choose, that could be yearly or every few years. This is not a problem for people who enjoy technology. Actually, it can be a lot of fun buying a new smartphone with updated and exciting features that make life more convenient.

Traditional watches are technical wonders in their individual right. Small moving parts attract the eye and luxurious features add a touch of class to the wearer’s wardrobe. Brilliant diamonds, precious metals, and intricate features offer even more visual appeal. Like a beautiful piece of jewelry, a luxury watch is unique, special, and durable. A collector can enjoy having several different watches that are worth their time in their wardrobe and wearing them for different occasions and different purposes, and there is something wonderfully nostalgic in simplicity that evokes a traditional watch.Read more.

Many people continue to enjoy wearing traditional watches at least part of the time, exchanging them for smartwatches as needed. It is a lot like deciding that traditional luxury watch to wear with a perfect style of clothing or for a certain occasion, and it’s just as fun. Though smartwatches don’t have their value like traditional watches do, there is surely a place for them in almost any wardrobe.

Should I Buy A Fitness Tracker Or Smart Watch?

Should I Buy A Fitness Tracker Or Smart Watch?

You’ve looked at cheap smart watches, you’re almost at the checkout and suddenly you see a fitness tracker. You’re in two minds and have no clue which one to buy, what should you do?! The trouble is that with lots of tech options available, people are at a loss over which way to turn. You have two very similar devices and you can often be fooled into believing one is better than the other. The truth is that fitness trackers and smart watches are just as great as the other, but when it boils down to it, which should you buy?

What’s The Purpose Of Buying?

You want a really simple way of choosing between a fitness tracker and smart watch? Well, why don’t you think about why you’re buying the device in the first place? Why do you want a smart device? Is it purely down to keeping track of your fitness or do you want to be able to track your fitness and communicate with others? If the whole idea is to keep on top of your fitness and that’s it, then a fitness tracker is the one for you. However, if you want a device that does a bit of everything, then why not opt for a smart watch? You can get smart watches for women that are far more affordable than you think and they’re not too difficult to find either. Check here!

Think About Your Budget!

Next, consider your budget. How much do you want to spend or have available to spend? Now, you can get cheap smart watches if that’s what you want; however, there’s still a difference between a fitness tracker and smart watch. Some fitness trackers can be very little in price (say $50), whereas some smart watches are a lot higher (possibly a few hundred). However, if you really want a smart watch you will hopefully be able to find a really great deal for your money. Again, choosing between the two might come down to money and availability.

Consider All Options

Compare smart watches to fitness trackers and find the device you are actually going to use. For example, you might like the look of a smart watch, but unless you’re going to use most of its features, it’s a waste. It’s the same with a fitness tracker, if you want to keep track of your fitness but also want more features you need to opt for a smart watch. Smart watches for women are easy to find, but choosing between the two is a lot tougher. That’s why you have to consider what you really want, need and like.

Buy A Gem

Whether you want a smart watch or a fitness tracker, it’s essential to take the time to find a device which will be well used and well appreciated. Far too many people jump in and buy new devices because they look great, but unless you’re actually going to get use out of them, they’re a waste. Always find the right smart technology or device; and if you want a smart watch, find the best cheap smart watches. Check out this site: https://m.wikihow.com/Pair-a-Smartwatch-with-an-Android

Is it Dumb to Buy a Smart Watch Now?

Is it Dumb to Buy a Smart Watch Now?

Is it necessary to buy cheap smart watches? Do you need a smart watch nowadays? It’s easy to see why so many people are asking that, and the truth is that with the endless array of smart devices appearing, people aren’t sure what they should be buying. Smart watches have been around for a number of years now and while they seem impressive, that doesn’t mean to say you should automatically go out and buy one. It comes down to whether or not you actually need one. So, is it smart or dumb to buy a smart watch now?

A Smartphone Only Smaller

What most people seem to forget is that a smart watch has a lot of capabilities and apps that appear on a smart phone, and that means you’re buying something you already have (or most likely have). Of course, there are lots of fancy features and most of them, you’ll love, but some of them you might already have on your other smart devices. That doesn’t mean to say you still shouldn’t buy a smart watch for someone else. You could get a kid’s smart watch instead of buying them an expensive smart phone. Check here!

Do You Really Need A Smart Watch?

Why do you actually want a smart watch? Do you want one because it’s the latest craze to hit the streets or because you need it? A lot of people buy a smart watch but use it as a watch only. Yes, you did read that right, but the truth is that a smart watch is far more than just another time piece. Smart watches have lots of features to utilize and the right people could get a lot out of them. However, if you’re not someone who is actually going to use those features, it’s a waste of time. Cheap smart watches are maybe more suited to you if you don’t want to spend much or don’t want one but want to fit in with the crowd. Sometimes, it comes down to whether you’ll use the watch.

Define Your Purpose and Get a Fitness Smart Watch

Are you a health-nut who wants to get into shape and become healthier? If that’s the case, a smart watch may be for you! In all honesty, smart watches aren’t bad devices, but they do a lot of the things, a smart phone can, only in a smaller size. That doesn’t mean to say they aren’t suitable for you or that you shouldn’t buy them, but rather you need to think about the purpose of you getting one. If you have a purpose of getting a smart watch, you might feel more at ease buying one. A kid’s smart watch can be a good idea for children too.

To Buy or Not To Buy

What do you think? Do you really want to own a smart watch? Do you plan to wear it all the time and use its many features? If you really want a smart watch, buy one. If you believe you’ll use it all the time and will get your money’s worth out of it, then buy one. At the end of the day, the decision is yours. Yes, some might say the smart watch is not worth buying if you have a smart phone, but that doesn’t mean to say you’ll feel the same way. Why not look at cheap smart watches and see what you can do for you? For more information visit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonydemarco/2019/06/12/the-7-best-smart-watches-for-men/#472a937565eb

Smart watch or illegal surveillance device?

Smart watch or illegal surveillance device?

 Kids smart watches have surveillance system in where you can track your child. This is making it easier to know for sure that your child is safe, no matter where he might be. But, there are many parents that are wondering if this is really such a good idea. They think by adding an illegal surveillance device to their child, they will be easier to track. Which one is going to be the best option for your child, or the smart watch or the illegal surveillance device?

Using an illegal device isn’t recommended

You should be really careful when you are using an illegal device for tracking your child or loved one. There is a good reason why the device is illegal and it isn’t recommended to use. It is a much better option to consider using the smartwatch for monitoring your loved ones and your children.

There are different cheap smart watches out there that you can use without any problems. It is much safer to use than the illegal device.

The smartwatch can’t be traced by anyone else

Even if people are telling you differently, the smart watch can’t be traced by anyone else. People are afraid that the kid’s smart watch can be traced by anyone on the internet. But, this is really not possible.

There are specific things that you should do before you can start tracing your child. You will never know if the illegal device isn’t going to be visible by other people as well.

They can call you or send a text message when they are in trouble

The great thing about the kid’s smart watch is that they can send a text message, or call you when they are in trouble; making it easier to know for sure that your child is safe and secure. Too many people think that the kid’s smartwatch doesn’t work and will not give the right signal. But, this is really something that your child can use if he is in trouble with a stranger.

They don’t physically need to text a message in order for you to get the message that they are in trouble. With some of the more popular devices, they are only pressing one button and you will receive the notification that your child feels he is in danger.

An alert will go off if your child leaves the designated area

The moment that your child leaves the designated area, a notification will go off from your phone. This is making sure that your child stays in the area that you allow them to stay at. With the cheap smartwatch, you will only be able to track them, and not be able to send you notifications if your child leaves the designated area.

The one thing that parents are wondering is if they should consider giving their child a smartwatch that will ensure that you can track them anytime. Or, if you should rather make use of an illegal tracking system to ensure that your child is staying safe. The best thing that you can do, to monitor your child is to get the cheap smart watch that is able to track them, to send SOS messages and let you know if they are leaving the designated area.

The Struggles of Finding a Smartwatch as a Woman

The Struggles of Finding a Smartwatch as a Woman

For a woman who likes to wear watches, there is always a problem to encounter, and that is of small wrists as compared to men. Most of the women have the arms and wrists smaller than the men counterparts – sometimes hands too. That’s why you see the option of watches for both women and men at stores, where you can easily find various kinds of cheap smart watches.

Beside from liking to wear watches, those women who love technology, there have been many latest trends in the smartwatches along with other new gadgets such as VR headsets for iPhone. So, all those who love watches, naturally have gotten interested in the smartwatches – which are getting famous day by day.

Where should women go?

There are no particular female items in this regard, but, still, there are some picks which can work as smart watches for women and are too rare to be found. Following are the most famous options mentioned, where women have to do a lot of struggle for coming up to a good smartwatch.

  1. Pebble Steel:

As the Pebble Steel is un-doubtfully a sleeker as compared to its siblings, which doesn’t go for women apparently. As described by Martin, Pebble Steel include some models which can work for ladies but go into high-end demographics, Pebble Steel doesn’t include much options for women.

  1. LG G Watches:

These are the foremost Android optimized watches which appeared to the scene. Along with their charming technology, they own enormous size. Even in the new models of LG G Watches R, these watches have huge sizes which are not suitable for small wrists. But, dissimilar to previous versions, these models include the circular shape which looks elegant to wear and serve as cheap smart watches.

  1. ASUS ZenWatch:

These watches are Android wear watches. Dissimilar to the LG G Watches R, they have a square shape which is quite attractive and suits well on wrists. They even have some options of smart watches for women which are good thing – unlike to many other brands that only show men wearing watches in their collection. Overall, these watches have gained good reviews and serve as a viable option for ladies. Other than women they also have incredible options for kid’s smart watch.

  1. Moto 360:

And finally, the models of Moto 360. All of their features lie closer to that of ASUS ZenWatch. Both are Android wears, having Ram of 512 MB, internal storage of 4 GB and so on. The only difference is that Moto 360 watches have a circular shape and have much better reviews than other watches.

Future of smartwatches

As the market has been exploded with the arrival of smartwatches, it can be expected that some good options of smartwatches for women will open up in the near future. Moreover, some stores are planning to work on kid’s smart watch models too.

Already some companies like Apple are heading towards the formation of new gadgets including VR headsets for iPhone and incredible models of smartwatches. However, Apple’s collection of smartwatches is free of gender discrimination and only have the difference of sizes.